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Where do you draw the line?

How do you feel about kids having electronic gadgets? We’re raising one of the first generations of kids who are relying on technology more and more every day. It started with young kids getting tamagotchis and nano pets (remember those?), then pagers, cell phones, and now smart phones and tablets, even laptops. I had one of those vtech “laptops” that had a 2″x3″ black and grey screen. THAT was advanced and cool at that time.

How do you feel about parents buying their kids things like iPads? If you think it’s okay, what age is acceptable? Honestly, I wouldn’t buy my 16 year old an iPad. Laptop for school, maybe. Something that encourages productivity and helps with homework, etcetera. I just don’t think young children need those kinds of things. As the years pass, kids are having to use their imaginations less and less, because their entertainment consists of television and video games, and now – apps.

Matthew’s newest toy is a 24 piece Cars puzzle. He also got a toy firetruck. At home he has Megablocks as well as Legos.. a train set, an RC car or two.. nowhere will you find electronic toys. He knows how to play with the calculator on my phone, as well as a puzzle game. I let him play them when I need him to be occupied away from home, i.e. a doctor’s office. Most of the time, he’ll still choose to look at and pretend to read books over my phone, and that’s the way I like it. If I can do one thing good for my child as he grows, it’s encourage creativity and the ability to create his own stories and ideas without the help of a touch-screen.