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Curled my hairs!

If you look at my dailybooth picture over there ——–> you can see that I made an attempt to curl my hair today! It never holds it and in fact it’s pretty much flattened by now, but I like it. Angel told me I look tired cause she can see my under eye dark circles. :( That’s okay, cause uh.. SHE SMELLS.

But yeah, I finally bought new shampoo and conditioner yesterday. I’d been using this stuff for a while that makes my hair sooooooooo greasy that I pretty much hated myself, all because my hair felt gross. So there’s only a little bit left in those bottles, and Jeremiah can use it for his hair, lol. The stuff I bought is only like $2.50 a bottle and works WONDERFUL! Herbal Essences – Long Term Relationship.. it’s amazing and I love it. But my hair felt so good this morning I just sat there and curled it and brushed it. I haven’t felt this good and clean in a long time! :P