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Oh, le drama

So, the whole issue with the Thunderbolt? Yeah, making my blood pressure go way high.

Our two Droid Charge phones were mailed out earlier in the week. On Tuesday, Jeremiah’s phone came in the mail. On Wednesday, the two backs and two batteries for the phones arrived. On Thursday, I watched the post man come and go, and decided to call Verizon. I thought perhaps the order didn’t get done right or it was just delayed. They tell me the phone was signed for and activated the previous day. Um, no.

So Verizon calls USPS with me on the phone and turns out it was “received” at 9:47am on Wednesday. Our mail doesn’t come until at least 3pm, at the EARLIEST. So USPS filed an investigation and gave me a case number. Verizon reported the phone as stolen and overnighted me a new one. The girl I talked to verified 2 or 3 times what phone she was sending to me. I got the box today, and it’s another Thunderbolt. ARGH! I called them yet again, and they are sending a Charge Fed Ex overnight Saturday delivery. Problem, maybe solved?

Fast forward to today. My mom has also been waiting on a replacement phone. It was scheduled to come this week, and it’s Friday, so I told her she should call to make sure her phone didn’t disappear. Sure enough, she calls, they track it, it was “delivered” at 9:36am on Thursday, signed with the same signature. They are also shipping her a new one. When she talked to them she told them about my case, so that they can link the two together. USPS is supposed to follow up in 2 business days, so I’m hoping they can tell us they figured it out. Whoever is taking our mail should be punished. We did have a substitute mailman this last week, and today our regular girl is back from vacation. I talked to her and told her what happened, and she said it must have been taken from the post office or something, to have been “received” so early.

In the end, I’ll get my phone and mom will get hers, but the whole situation has been so frustrating! I don’t blame Verizon (except for sending me the wrong phone) and everyone I dealt with was super nice, but DANG, I just want a fully functioning phone!

HTC Thunderbolt = FAIL

About one week after Verizon’s first 4G phone, the HTC Thunderbolt, went on the market, I upgraded my phone. I was very excited about the purchase at the time and couldn’t wait to get it in the mail. Upon receipt, I was not disappointed. I counted the phone as a great purchase and was thrilled to have caught up with technology. Months later, I am very unsure. The first three weeks was hell. I called and went to the store numerous times trying to figure out a few problems the phone was having. Three weeks later, after convincing customer service that it was too early to already get a refurbished phone when we paid $250 for it and had records of calling with problems since day one, I was sent a new Thunderbolt. Now, a few months later and the problems continue. I don’t want to just keep getting refurbs when it’s not a hardware issue, but software because HTC is failing miserably at getting updates out. The last update was out for about a day before it was pulled because, who’da thunk it, it still wasn’t fixed.

So after all the drama, they are sending us refurbished Droid Charges. Oh, did I mention Jeremiah has the same phone with the same problems? Anyways, they should be arriving on Friday. The people at Verizon along with employees at Best Buy have highly recommended the Charge over the Thunderbolt, so here’s to a new phone, and hoping it doesn’t suck terribly.