I run, I run so far away

Ever felt like running away? Today is one of those days. Pre-coffee, this happened;

-Blake woke up at 5:30 after hardly sleeping all night.
-Got Matthew ready and to the bus stop on time.
-Talked to foster-mom of a 10 year old boy who is bullying my 6 year old on the bus.
-Got home and rushed to take care of the goats and chickens.
-Friend showed up with 1 year old that I watch 2 days a week. I had to ask her to hang out for a few so that I could finish morning chores.
-Came inside to dogs in the living room. They sleep in the laundry room but can get past the baby gate.
-Noticed pee in living room. Get stressed.
-Notice pee and poop in my bedroom. Get pissed.
-1 year old’s mom leaves and she starts screaming. Blake has already been fussy and screaming all morning.
-Shampoo carpets while children scream. Feed them bananas to appease them.. temporarily.
-Make coffee.
-Chug coffee while children scream and try to climb on me.

Now they’re finally sitting on the floor playing while I try to catch up on ‘Revenge’ from Sunday. I am EXHAUSTED and it’s 9am!

Sometimes I really want to run away! Maybe I’ll look up www.sunnyislesmiamirealestate.com and take a permanent vacation. I need a beach chair and a margarita, sans children and pets!

Sick babies and new hair

The last week has been awful. Thursday night I was horribly sick. Friday night both of the boys were sick right after Jeremiah went out of town. Blake threw up a handful of times until 2 am when he fell asleep, but Matthew was sick well into Saturday. That night and Sunday everyone was fine, then Sunday night Blake was throwing up again. Today during the day he was fine and then tonight, vomiting again.

I have no idea what’s going on with little Blake. He’s fine during the day but miserable at night. Suffice to say I’m absolutely exhausted. If this continues we’ll be taking him to urgent care. We are in an insurance gap right now so it’s a terrible time to need a doctor!

Also, I said I was going to dye my hair and I did. It’s really not much different than what it was, except it’s not splotchy with old color and natural growth. At least now you can’t see that I’m a 27 year old with gray hair. :)

Nice watches

If I had to think of something my husband would really love it would be a new watch.

He goes through phases where he dresses casual and then will dress fancy for a while. He has a couple of watches but he’s one of those guys that would love a different watch to match different styles. I’m eyeballing Reeds.com for citizen eco drive and might consider something of the sort for father’s day, or maybe a no-occasion gift. :)

Gray hair!

I was fixing up my hair a few days ago in a different style and what did I come across? GRAY HAIR! I am 27!! There was 3 or 4 long, very silver strands.

I was actually going to start growing my hair out in it’s natural color. It had been about 10 months since the last time I dyed it. Of course I’ve changed my mind and now I plan on dying it. I still won’t do it a ton (twice a year maybe to maintain it) until more gray’s really come in. I’m too young to look old! >:O



My goal this year is to become crazy organized. I read all these blogs online about storage and organization and I’m jealous of the creativity and ability to do those things. Part of me thinks that if the picture of their perfectly organized pantry panned out, you would see their wreck of a home. Maybe that’s just me..

Part of it is money. It can get expensive to buy so many shelves and containers. Eventually, though, I’d like to just bite the bullet and get it done. The only problem is that there’s always a collection of junk that just doesn’t fit anywhere else. That’s where a Metal Trunk would come into play. Everyone has a “catch all”, a junk drawer, closet, or under their bed. Even if they don’t admit it!

Mama moved back!

So today we got my mom moved back to SA!

She got down here in her moving truck about 10am. I loaded the kids up and drove into town, picking up a money order for her on the way. J’s aunt and uncle, and his uncle’s nephew showed up to help unload the truck. That ended up being a TON of help as the other people who offered to come help didn’t show up until around noon. So we got everything unloaded in about 45 minutes.

Later the others showed up and helped unpack and move stuff around, and my sister got all of mom’s electronics hooked up so she could listen to music or watch movies. They also brought a couch they’d gotten off craigslist for $100 as a housewarming present. That was really nice since my mom didn’t have a couch.

I got home at 6:30pm and got the kids to bed. Now I’m relaxing as I have another full day tomorrow. My mom has a week off before she starts work (she was able to transfer her job) so we’ll probably get to hang out a little bit this week. We live outside the city so she’s still about 45 minutes away, but way closer than 5 hours!


So we are needing to renew our anti virus subscription and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. We have had Kaspersky for probably 5 years and we like them, but their prices are going up and there is no promotion going on right now. We were thinking of trying out Bitdefender as it is 50% off right now for their family package (3 family members, all devices) which is a much better deal than we’ve ever gotten with Kaspersky. Usually we pay $80-90 for 3 devices total.

Managing properties

When we lived in Fort Worth, TX, we started out leasing our home. The owners made multiple comments to us about wanting to sell the house. Both the owner and her new husband each owned their own homes and when they got married they moved into the guy’s home. They let us know that if we ever wanted to buy it, they’d sell it for what they owed because they just wanted to sell it and move on. A few months after moving in, we took the offer and purchased the house for a very good price.

When we moved out of Fort Worth we decided to rent it out and get some experience in managing a property. We’ve been interested in having rental properties for a while but we hadn’t been in a place where it was feasible so this seemed like a great opportunity.

We’ve now been managing it as a rental property for a year and a half. We’re a bit spoiled because we have amazing renters, but now they have job opportunities in another city and are wanting to move on. It makes us sad because they’ve been so great, but hopefully with it being in good condition and a slightly higher price bracket than some of the more run down properties in the area, we will continue to have good luck.

Right now we’re interested in eventually managing some other properties, such as property management citrus heights ca, but I think our future renters will determine that. I’m not really wanting to deal with bad renters but maybe we’ll get lucky! :)

Little boy heaven and other gifts

So Christmas was a success. We had a good time and spent some quality time with family, plus my kids (and I..) got SPOILED.

I got a new bedding set. Sheets, comforter, super soft throw, accent pillows. I also got bathroom rugs and towels. Then there’s the small coach purse (I don’t carry big purses, I love the little ones with long straps) and chicken coop (hehe). That was all from my husband’s aunt and uncle. I also got a cute etsy necklace that says Matthew and Blake with their birth stones, a Starbucks card, $50 visa gift card, a basket of wine.. I think that may be it. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before.

The boys got a ton of gifts. The biggest were a huge play set from the aforementioned aunt and uncle-in-law, sand and a bunch of cool sand toys from my sister and brother in law, and a 15 foot trampoline from Santa.

My boys aren’t spoiled, are they? This new setup has already brought them hours and hours of fun. We are so lucky to have family that loves to treat our boys like royalty. We try very hard to teach them that material things aren’t important, but you can’t stop them from loving toys. Still, when I asked Matthew the meaning of Christmas his answer was “Jesus’ birthday!” so I guess I’m doing something right. Not everyone celebrates Christmas in the religious sense but we do and I’m very proud. :)

I’ll have to post the bedding set I got soon. Right now my bed is made with the sheets, throw and the accent pillows but the actual comforter, shams and bed skirt won’t be here until mid-January.

Best night in quite a while

I made the decision to be a bad wife and mom this weekend and have spent some time at my husband’s aunt & uncle’s house. I do miss my kids (LIKE CRAZY!!!) but it was getting to the point that sitting around my house was bad for my sanity.

Last night I went out with them to a friend’s house where they played Mad Gab and Tetris Jenga, and had fajitas and margaritas. Tonight we went to a bar & grill and I had a delicious burger and learned to two step. One of their friends is a great dancer and he showed me the basics. I’ve never danced in my life and I had so much fun trying to learn. I’m pretty sure I’m awful at it but I really enjoyed just getting out and letting loose.

I’d love to do things like that more often but that’s not really something my husband is into, which makes me sad. I wish we could get out and have fun more often. I feel like it could really help our relationship.